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The Summer Edit

The Summer Edit

Optimism is in the air with the arrival of June and its attendant glorious weather. With a new season comes a surge of energy and excitement, as well as a renewed appreciation for our evolving freedoms. Here at Alex Eagle we are celebrating the start of summer with fresh and inspiring pieces that will brighten your walls, wardrobe, garden and bookshelves.

The Great Outdoors



With wonderful weather due, we want to celebrate the new season with something special – outside, of course. Here is Alex Eagle’s guide to the perfect picnic.

The Menu

Keep things simple but luxurious. Champagne, quails eggs dipped in celery salt and strawberries are my favourite picnic additions, easy to open and eat, no mess. Bring crusty baguettes, butter, avocado, mozzarella, prosciutto, basil and spinach so each person can build their ideal sandwich. Make a green salad and bring the dressing in a jam jar. Keep pudding simple – fruit or a Victoria sponge. Nod to the picnic ideal by transporting everything in a basket, but be sure to keep the champagne cold in a cooler loaded with ice.


The Setting

It’s true that paper plates and plastic cups save time and space while lightening the load of the hamper, but they are never a pleasure to use. Everything tastes better when you can spear it properly on your fork and your plate isn’t at risk of disintegrating. If you can, bring crockery, cutlery and linen napkins, and serve the champagne in silver beakers to keep it cool.


The ‘Table’

Avoid any temptation to get too sophisticated. While you may own a folding table, you should on no account use it. Similarly, a scratchy tartan rug dug out from the boot of the car is a picnic classic, but for an indulgent day of lounging in the sun there are far better options. The ideal is a soft blanket in cashmere or similar that can double as a shawl if you stay out until evening.


The Outfit

The only essential here is a hat, both for protecting the face and batting away interested insects. Mature Ha’s scrunchable designs are chic and resilient, the ideal protection while eating or during a postprandial snooze.

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