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Michael Nyman, ‘Cine Opera’

Michael Nyman, ‘Cine Opera’


A stunning new limited edition by one of the 20th century’s greatest living composers, CINE OPERA is a 21st anniversary re-imagining of the classic Michael Nyman album, La Traversée de Paris, showcasing this remarkable renaissance man’s work as composer, filmmaker, photographer and artist. Limited to just 500 copies, CINE OPERA is presented in a beautiful gatefold sleeve; the iconic album pressed on vinyl for the first time, with the addition of three exclusive bonus tracks and a beautiful fine art print of Michael Nyman’s photography, plus hand-written notes which are hand-numbered and signed by the artist. Michael Nyman has been closely involved with every aspect of this exclusive creation.


Side A

1. L’Entrée

2. La nef de Paris

3. Debarcadere

4. Le Labyrinthe

5. Le Palais Royal

Side B

6. Le Jardin

7. Le theatre d’ombres chinoises

8. L’emeute da la faim

9. Du faubourg a l’assemble

10. Ah ca ira

11. Passage à l’égalite

Side C

12. Les murs des federes

13. De l’Hotel de Ville a la Concorde

14. Cinema d’actualities

15. Champs Elysees

16. Le manifestation

Side D

17. L’Arche de la Defense

18. Chanson einer Dame im Schatten (bonus)

19. Come unto these Yellow Sands (bonus)

20. Miranda (bonus)

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