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Pleasure Garden Issue 6 – Mount Fuji Cover

Pleasure Garden Issue 6 – Mount Fuji Cover


Pleasure garden issue 6 features a Japanese Dream exploring the subconscious travels and interpretations of the Land of the Rising Sun. Their Icon Isamu Noguchi is a man who represents much of the dialogue between Japan and the West through the twentieth century. Within his work their is an inspiration of merging of cultures – Hiromi Matsugi looks deeper into this in Beyond Borders. The playful side of Noguchi’s work in The Landscape of Play is also explored with words by Vincent Romagny and Moerenuma Park in Hokkaido photographed by Sebastian Sabal-Bruce. Oliva Meehan looks at the opening up of Japan in the late nineteenth century in Some Japanese Flowers and Trees for the imagination and Anne Koval also reflects on the Japonisme influencing the artist Whistler’s work in Nocturne.

Mount Fuji Cover.

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