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F Taylor Sargent Vase

F Taylor Sargent Vase

F. TAYLOR is a furniture, object, and interior design studio located in Rome, Italy and Massachusetts, USA, led by F Taylor Colantonio whose first name is legally just the letter F, due to a clerical error on his birth certificate.

Their objects express their ideas, they believe that objects should hearten us, enrich our lives, and strengthen our relationships with the spaces we inhabit.

Made in the USA using a centuries-old American technique for making rugs, the Sargent Vase is hand-formed with cable that is woven on cast-iron machines that date from the 1940s. Each Sargent Vase is made by their Master Sewer, Fatima Mendes, over the course of four days.

In blue multi cable, a mix of wool and synthetic yarns. The largest in the woven vessel collection, the Sargent Vase stands at human scale, measuring 60 x 60 x 180 cm.

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