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Christabel Blackburn What am I Supposed to See
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Christabel Blackburn What am I Supposed to See


Christabel Blackburn is a London based painter whose work explores the relationship between figures and their environments. Her latest collection, twenty works in varying sizes commissioned specifically for Frieze and Alex Eagle Studio, finds her subjects held in moments of contemplation, features blank yet their personalities richly drawn through clothes, stance and surroundings. A vivid and unexpected colour palette, a pared back line and a keen eye for space create unusual, emotive juxtapositions of people and place.

“I am an extreme people watcher,” she says. “I often find it hard to concentrate on who I’m with or what I’m meant to be doing; instead I’ll be staring at somebody walking past a sunlit building, or a lovely Brutalist high-rise. When looking at my paintings, the viewer is invited to exchange places with the figure, becoming part of the painting itself.”

What am I Supposed to See oil on canvas, measures 79 x 91cm.

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