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Canoa Cochler Spoon Brass

Canoa Cochler Spoon Brass


CANOA by Raquel Vidal and Pedro Paz, is a Spanish brand making ceramics and jewellery. The brand cherishes tradition and heritage and believes in production process that allows for creativity and thought. By playing with unexpected textures, materials, shapes and colors, Raquel and Pedro bring their artisanal know-how to create unique pieces that are inspired by ancient Iberian, Roman and Greek designs and yet feel so modern and minimal.

Please note that each piece will vary slightly from the one pictured on the online store. Often the lost wax casting method is used which ensures you will be the only one to own your piece. Also, these will patina with age. All metals tarnish over time as a result of oxygen exposure, water, and our own natural body oils. To maintain a high polish, your piece is best stored in an air tight container when not in use. If/when the metal does begin to tarnish, wipe with a jewellery polishing cloth (we recommend suede clothes).

The Cochler Brass Spoon measures 11 cm x 3 cm.

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