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Leorosa: Old Shape, New Tricks

Leorosa: Old Shape, New Tricks

The brand bringing the classic cardigan back into style just in time for winter.

As the weather gets colder, our thoughts are turning to the perfect winter wardrobe. We want cosy layers that make getting dressed in the dark that bit more bearable, in bright colours to stave off the gloom of perpetually grey skies.

In Leorosa we have found the answer. A new knitwear brand from Parsons School of Art and Design graduates Julian Taffel and Paolina Leccese, Leorosa is a celebration of the simple cardigan, elevated and modernised through a vibrant colour palette, contrast piping and perfectly honed shapes.

‘Our aim is to go back to the basics,’ say the designers. ‘No fur pockets or glittery embellishments, just straightforward styles that are easy to comprehend, made well, and can be worn in various ways by all ages.’

The classic Rosa cardigan comes in a petite, boxy shape with contrast piping and velvet buttons and a wide array of colourways, while the Polly has a Peter Pan collar and the Romy comes with a slouchy tie bow at the neck. ‘The merino wool and cashmere combination was an important choice,’ the designers explain. ‘The merino creates the right fit while the cashmere allows the softness.’

For the menswear gilet and the grandpa cardigan, Taffel and Leccese chose similarly vivid colourways but fashioned them from 100% lambswool. ‘We liked the strength and ruggedness of lambswool, while at the same time it’s still cosy.’

The campaign, which features models, friends, artists, even Leccese’s father Pasquale, wearing the pieces demonstrates the broad scope of a classic item. ‘It was important for us to visually introduce Leorosa as a line of clothing that is not tailored for one specific person,’ they say.

What emerges from the brand’s finely crafted collection, Italian manufacturing, unorthodox colour combinations and irreverent, inclusive campaign imagery is their interest in sidestepping the conventional sales method. ‘We are responding to a pull towards buying less and buying better,’ they say. ‘We put the work into finessing our knits so they will be treated as a precious article and not a fleeting fashion trend or item.’

Photos Courtesy of Leorosa

Photography: Oliver Hadlee Pearch

Styling: Emilie Kareh

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