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Introducing: Sophie Keegan Charm Collection

Introducing: Sophie Keegan Charm Collection

Sophie Keegan Charm Collection

Available this month and exclusive to Alex Eagle Studio.

Sophie Keegan began to make jewellery in her school years. Always inspired by art, fashion, colour and beautiful objects her passions where naturally channelled into creating jewellery and followed on to study Goldsmithing and Gemmology. Her repertoire includes time working in Paris at Chaumet which introduced Sophie into the world of luxurious jewellery. This experience formed the passion for Sophie to create her precious jewellery line made to last a lifetime.

All pieces are handmade in a four-generation workshop in Germany. As a trained Goldsmith, Sophie oversees everything with each step and enjoys the hands-on process. Each piece is produced in 18 carat gold for its preciousness of all metals and one that will last a lifetime, a beautiful and thoughtful message in today’s world of mass production.

The jewellery designer was drawn to Alex’s and her first store in Walton Street, London, where ideas and concepts float of combining art, fashion, objects and jewellery.

This month at Alex Eagle Studio, along with a very simple chain link for a bracelet or necklace, you can buy any number of charms separately to create your own personalised bracelet or commission your own special charm with Sophie herself. 

“I want the customer to be able to feel like they have created a very special and unique piece of jewellery of their own – something that they can hand down to their children”.

“The idea is that every bracelet will be unique to the person”.

Some of the designer’s favourite pieces are the gold seashells and the natural south sea pearls which are from the ocean in Western Australia – Sophie’s home country, where she grew up by the beach and always loved to collect them.

Sophie Keegan’s inspiration behind the charms began when she was commissioned by Alex to create a charm bracelet for the birth of her daughter Columba. Together the duo designed the charms which Alex had in mind with meaningful symbols, created in 18 carat gold as a bracelet.

“It was a beautiful collaborative project and inspired us to create more charms which I have designed exclusively for Alex Eagle Studio”.

The charm collection has a modern feel, featuring 18 carat gold and precious stones, including sapphires, Australian opals, emeralds and old cut diamonds which have been recycled from antique jewellery pieces bought at auctions.

Design highlights include peanuts which signify Alex’s Peanut Gangsters, A Cloud for ‘I Mean The Dream’, Signature Diamond Letters, a Telephone, a Ball and Chain, a Heart and the twelve Birth Stones.


For the month of June, visit in store or online to see the collection and design your own charm bracelet or necklace. For bespoke charms please email



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