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Face Place: An Urban Legend

Face Place: An Urban Legend
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The beauty business is a fast moving world. Every week a new magic ingredient or wonder cream is launched onto the market with a guarantee of extraordinary results.

“It always seems to be about what’s new, not what actually works” says Eilidh Smith, beauty expert and MD of Face Place. “In reality, there are only a few ingredients which are actually effective, so for me the key is consistency, stripping it back to the things that work.”

Consistency and simplicity were what attracted Smith to the cult West Hollywood beauty treatment Face Place. Developed in 1972, originally as a no-nonsense procedure for men, the facial has stayed the same for more than 40 years. Over that time it has gained a cult following in Los Angeles and London for its unique clinical approach, and the unequivocally positive results.

Unusually for facials, the Face Place signature treatment uses very few products, focusing only on a couple of key ingredients – yukka root extract, Vitamin C, magnesium and activated zinc powder – combined with an expert extraction technique and finished off with a Galvanic current that penetrates the ingredients and tightens the skin. The final result is a healthy glow.

“This is not a treatment that leaves the face red or sore,” Smith says. “We get a lot of feedback about instant results as well as long term ones, and we would happily do the facial on someone’s wedding day.”

A Hollywood favourite for more than 40 years, the signature Face Place facial has now come to Alex Eagle Studio, with the team taking up residence downstairs in the stunning environs of The Practice. Book your treatment now to experience a cult favourite.

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