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Dina Kamal’s Flower Series: Small but Powerful

Dina Kamal’s Flower Series: Small but Powerful
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Dina Kamal believes jewellery is about more than decoration.

“It adorns our bodies as a means of self-expression. Jewellery reminds us what we want to feel”, she says.

The potent connection between adornment and emotion is engrained into the DK01 Flower Series, Kamal’s collection of chevalier pinky rings available exclusively at Alex Eagle.

Born in Lebanon, Kamal spent most of her formative years studying and working in Washington DC. In 1998 she returned to Beirut: “initially I moved for a year, but I ended up staying. Beirut has a crazy and beautiful energy, a lot of contradiction, which I love.” It was in Lebanon that she began researching jewellery, eventually setting up her design studio DK10, and releasing her first collection PNKYRNG in 2010.

“I have always been drawn to women wearing rings on the little finger. My mother and grandmother did and I found it beautiful and intriguing,” Kamal says.

Her research into pinky rings flung up a long and varied cultural history – everyone has worn them, from pharaohs, royalty and clergy, to dandies, Mafiosi, flappers and hip-hop stars.

“Groups and individuals employed pinky rings to assert and link themselves to the identity they felt they belonged to,” explains Kamal. “It is an object that speaks to autonomy, significance and layers. So not only does it need to be beautiful, it also needs to be empowering, and to give us the right energy.”

The Flower Series draws on a trend from the Georgian era, when flowers were a popular design for both men and women’s jewellery. For her collection Kamal has refined the motif, picking it out in pearls, onyx and diamonds against an 18-carat gold background. The results are sensual and systematic, flamboyant yet thoughtful, a compelling blend of the soft, the ornate, and the structured.

They have found the perfect home at Alex Eagle, thanks to the founders sharing a preoccupation with uniting men and women’s interests.

“Alex Eagle has a great focus on men’s fashion transformed into women’s. DK01 is specifically about that, a structured ornate flower created for that style. It embodies that spirit, one of understated luxury,” says Kamal.

It’s not hard to trace the origins of Kamal’s rigorous approach to design. She is trained in architecture and still works as an architect to this day.

“I love architecture. I’m inspired by the idea of forming space, and that the space induces a state of mind.”

This ethos extends to her jewellery.

“For me there is no difference in designing a building, a spoon or a ring. We work to create an object that is meticulously designed and crafted. For us, the process is sacred. We believe the right energy and thought has to be in every step of each piece’s creation so that, in the end, when you hold it or wear it, you can feel it.”

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