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Tanya Ling

Tanya Ling

Born in Calcutta, Tanya Ling’s childhood was spent across three continents – America, Africa and Europe, England.

After finishing her degree at St Martins School of Art, Tanya moved to Paris where she worked as a designer.

On her return to London, Tanya started Bipasha Ghosh with her husband William Ling. The art project led her to be commissioned as a fashion illustrator for British Vogue.

Her work as a fashion illustrator has been exhibited internationally and extensively featured in numerous publications. In 2011, her drawings were acquired by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

“Before my shop in London opened my friend, the artist Tanya Ling, used it it as a temporary studio to create a show especially for the space. She made a body of beautiful works, line paintings in beautiful bright indigo blue alongside assemblage and sculptures. I loved the lines so much we still have an enormous 5-piece artwork that climbs up the double height wall as you walk in. It’s become part of the DNA of the shop. I bought one for myself and I hung it at the end of my bed. It acts as a cloud, I can stare at it for hours – it’s so soothing and I do a lot of my thinking and planning while staring at it. It’s mesmerising. Blue is incredibly calming and she is an amazing woman and artist, so it’s become a very important piece of art for me.”
– Alex Eagle

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