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Roberto Ruspoli

Roberto Ruspoli

Roberto Ruspoli is a Swiss born, Paris based artist, raised in Rome, whose work draws on classical form and figures and reimagines them for the modern world. His lovely Roman youths, finely wrought profiles and clean lines expand beyond the canvas onto walls, ceramics and sculptural light fittings, transforming the classic and familiar into something modern and new. His show features two large, and twenty smaller drawings which are being exhibited in the upstairs space of Alex Eagle Studio during Frieze 2019.

“These are a selection of works that show my love for classic art and my attempt to reinterpret it with a line that combines the classic and the contemporary in my own personal synthesis,” says Ruspoli.

“Alex saw my work and contacted me to propose a show in her space. I immediately felt in tune with her. I like new and unconventional paths and I saw potential. Alex is a truly independent thinker, and I like this freedom; it made me feel at home in a way.”

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