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Rob Wyn Yates

Rob Wyn Yates

Rob Wyn Yates is a British painter whose distinctive works are characterised by their use of bold colours and geometric forms.

Wyn Yates was a student at the Chelsea College of Art, where he studied three-dimensional design. His career gained momentum when he launched an antique business from his home, and clients noticed his distinctive paintings. Wyn Yates takes inspiration from numerous sources, especially modern architecture, furniture design and the natural world.

Exhibiting his paintings in solo and group shows across the country, including at the prestigious Flowers Gallery & Mall Gallery. He has also participated in numerous art fairs and has been featured in articles and interviews in several prestigious UK publications.

With his design background, and love of vivid colour, sharp angles and unflustered precision, it is hard to imagine Wyn Yates thriving in a rural environment, but in fact these modern infused pieces are created in the bucolic idyll of Framlingham, Suffolk. At this simplification of inspiration, he demurs:

His pieces blend form, dimension, colour and depth to create works that recall modernist architecture, geometric shapes, Matisse cutouts and Soviet era iconography. Each combines playfulness and precision, as well as being the result of a quest for perfection that takes infinite time and focus.


“Form and colour are fundamental.” he says, “They react with each other to create 3D forms that give the paintings dimensionality. Shadow has always been an interest of mine, sometimes more than the object itself, and I enjoy creating illusions by changing the direction of the light.”

One thing hasn’t changed since he started selling his work – how he self-identifies. “The word artist can be overused, so I tend to use painter, as it is singularly descriptive and more relevant for me. Simply, “painter” is more expressive of what I do.

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