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Kivu is a boutique coffee project that grows and harvests beans from the Kivu region of the Congo. Founded by creative producer Christina Hardy who began to view coffee as a creative and cultural symbol, an idea that is embedded in the company’s ethos. The coffee maintains strong links to the community through working with a local co-operative of farmers who harvest the coffee and working with initiatives such as GALS, who are a gender-justice programe. Holding music and photography at their core, Kivu has a mission to create a new kind of cross cultural storytelling through commissioning local and international artists to make work responding to to the coffee’s country of origin.

Kivu make a limited run single origin espresso that comes as organic whole beans. Following the projects focus on community £1 from each bag is donated to the Panzi Hospital for Women in Bukavu.

For further information and in-store availability please contact us at [email protected]

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