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Irina Lakicevic

Irina Lakicevic

Irina Lakicevic is a stylist and an art director living in London who’s extraordinary journey has led from refugee camp to graduating in dentistry and transitioning into an emerging female artist.
‘My understanding of the world has always been informed by reduction to the essential elements and geometry, something that I feel comes across in my work both as a stylist and an artist. Shapes and colours and how these are arranged in space and each other have always resided in my memory and have informed much of my viewing experience.’ – Lakicevic 2018.


Her works of simple circles and lines can be imbued in as much meaning as a figurative work, and a colour study reduced to a couple of elements can still be as emotionally charged as an impressionist painting.

‘I have always tried in the simplest way possible tried to capture what I connect to, it is about finding that core emotion and what triggered that emotion before translating it on paper’

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