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Edward Orlik

Edward Orlik

Edward Orlik is a self-taught designer and artist based in Camberwell, south London.

His series of collages currently exhibited at Alex Eagle studio were conceived on a road trip through France and Spain. Each still life functions as a framework into which Orlik introduces place-specific elements: oak leaves from Haute-Garonne, daffodils from his parents’ garden, the ochre walls of a Basque hotel. The ultramarine elements that appear in each piece are inspired by the work of Maggie Nelson, William H. Gass, and Yves Klein.

“I originally started making collages to help me visualise and compose larger paintings, but I now create them as artworks in their own right after having been drawn in by their exciting, improvised nature and the way they allow me to experiment with the balance of colours and forms in a piece.” – Edward Orlik 2018.

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