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Caroline Popham

Caroline Popham

British artist Caroline Popham graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts from UAL Chelsea in 2016, which marked her transition between graphic designer and fine artist. Popham’s graphic design work saw her collaborate with fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton and Dior. In the selection of painting and collage work at Alex Eagle the influence of Popham’s graphic design career can be seen in their structural minimalism and emotive use of colour.

Popham describes how her work is informed by the repetition of habits and routine. For her they are ‘diary entries for moments in time’ and as such are often confessional and sensitively personal. Using rhythm, sequences and gradients Popham imbues mood and emotion into her painted paper collage works. Angles are staged to embody actions and bring a sense of dynamism to the works. Tonal hues are held in tension to create a striking aesthetic.

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