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Ali Medina

Ali Medina

Ali Medina, born in 1990, is a New York City-based drawer and printmaker. She received her B.A. from Bard College in 2012.

Ali’s art-making process is both meditative and therapeutic, as it allows her to articulate the indescribable sensations of her illness. Ali suffers from a rare stomach condition that damages the lining of her digestive tract.

Her prints are modelled after maps diagramming her digestive system during the various stages of discomfort. Meditative scenes often serve as inspiration for her new works – studies of landscapes and other natural systems. Her works attempt to capture the beauty and serenity of landscape, while expressing the contrasting disturbance caused by illness.

Ali uses various materials and techniques to create her art. Together with her audience, Ali attempts to understand the internal complexities of disease.

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