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All Blues: Copy

All Blues: Copy
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Of all the items we use to adorn ourselves, jewellery is the most personal.
From engagement rings and portrait lockets, to extravagant earrings and an
“arm party” of bracelets, the jewellery we wear is more revealing and more
expressive than any dress, jacket or shoe. Now Swedish design brand All
Blues wants to go deeper, combining 3D printing technology and
personalisation to redefine ideas of bespoke jewellery.

Founded by old friends Fredrik Nathorst and Jacob Skragge, All Blues began
in 2014 as a line of men’s jewellery but quickly expanded into the women’s
market. Their physical, sculpted designs garnered them attention, success
and the support of Acne Studios founder Jonny Johnannsen, but over time
their ambitions have changed. “It has developed into a need to contribute to
the industry, not just be a part of it,” Nathorst explains. “Now we want to work
on projects that bring meaning to people, beyond aesthetics.”

The premise of All Blues Copy is simple – use 3D printing technology to cast a
permanent tangible record of a beloved relative, a prized possession or a
moment of tenderness.

It launches in the UK this month at Alex Eagle Studio when customers are invited to bring their items and ideas to the space.
These will be scanned and transformed into a CAD file, before being printed
as a plastic mould, which will be used to cast the item – a pendant, a keyring
or a paperweight – in 925 sterling silver. The piece will arrive in 4 weeks, an
enduring, wearable memorialisation of something deeply personal.

Jewellery is an area not necessarily known for its interest in technology, with
gold and silversmiths jealously guarding their traditional practices, but for All
Blues, the opportunity to introduce alternative technologies into the process
was irresistible. “I’m super into technology, so I’ve been longing to conjoin the
two seemingly unrelated worlds,” Nathorst says. There is also the event
element – inviting people to come together, to socialise around the large
yellow scanner, to share their stories while they wait to scan their items. “It’s
almost ceremonial, I guess.”

With Copy, Nathorst and Skragge envisage people coming together to create
deeply personal pieces – not from gemstones or costly materials, but from
their everyday life. In effect it is not design but facilitation – allowing an
individual to determine what is precious enough to be preserved and
remembered. “Up until now we have been the ones holding the megaphone
as designers,” Nathorst says, “but this time we merely offer a framework for
others to do the talking.”

During the event you can purchase your Copy on a drop-in-basis but we can not guarantee availability if you haven’t made an appointment. Please email All Blues who will gladly help you and make a reservation.


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