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Alex Eagle Colouring-in

Alex Eagle Colouring-in

Brightness In The Bleakness


As part of Alex Eagle Studio’s Brightness In The Bleakness campaign, we have commissioned some of our favourite artists to design exclusive colouring-in designs that can be downloaded directly from our website and printed off for the enjoyment of adults and children alike. With one new artist arriving each week, we hope these brilliant pictures will bring a bit of brightness and creativity to your day.

Oscar Piccolo

Oscar Piccolo belongs to a new wave of young artists exploring a variety of mediums that question the relationship between object and space.

Influenced by a childhood spent between Ghana, Turkey, Egypt, Libya and Italy; Oscar’s work stands alone from the trends adopted by his western contemporaries.  Through furniture design, ceramics, illustrated short stories and architectural compositions, his fragmented cultural background becomes evident in opposing textures, blurred shapes and discombobulated faces.


Click on the images to download the original drawings by Oscar Piccolo.


Agnes Hay

Hungarian multidisciplinary artist Agnes Hay is celebrated for her experimental art and films.

Her wire drawings are digital photograms, created by projecting light through small figures made of bent wire onto photosensitive paper.

Agnes is fairly mysterious in her ways, but she has mentioned Giacometti, Calder and the greek chorus as recent influences, although she has been working in wire for many years before those most recent visits to exhibitions.

Dancing Letters’ is a part of a series from a recent publication and exhibition.

These drawings consist of lines forming letters. The softly moving letters try to express something extra about the words, sentences and their relationships to each other. They are often complicated and confusing. Unlike posters they do not proclaim their meanings; instead they try to inspire a meditation on them.


Click on the image to download the original drawing by Agnes Hay.


Vanessa Garwood

Born in Israel 1982, Vanessa studied painting and sculpture for three years at Charles Cecil Studios in Florence.  Now she lives and works in west London, working half on commissions and half towards exhibitions.  She makes work using a mixture of life sittings and photographs on many subjects, including portraits and conversation pieces, nudes, landscapes in oil, bronze and plaster sculptures, works on paper in charcoal, pen and ink.


Click on the image to download the original drawing by Vanessa Garwood.


Jess Wheeler

Jess Wheeler is a set designer and artist known predominantly for her work with flowers. Her varied mediums of working aim to remind the viewer the beauty and fragility of our natural world.

With nature as the central theme, it is important to Jess that her pieces transcend seasonality and have a conscience.

She has recently launched her range of handmade homewares, translating her imagery into ceramics, table linen and drawings. Available at Alex Eagle Studio.

Other clients include Aesop, Aston Martin, BBC, Carluccios, Estee Lauder, FujiFilm, Jimmy Choo, Malolo Blahnik and more.


Click on the image to download the original drawing by Jess Wheeler.


Venetia Berry

Brixton based artist Venetia Berry (b. 1993) paints the nude female figure through an abstracted lens, simplifying the form using pure line. She aims to reverse the male gaze, challenging the archetypical sexualised female nude.

Venetia Berry studied painting at the Leith School of Art, Edinburgh (2012-2014) and at the Royal Drawing School, London on the Drawing Intensive Year (2015-2016).


Click on the images to download the two original drawings by Venetia Berry.


Fee Greening

London based illustrator Fee Greening‘s work revolves around a very delicate process, using old fashioned quils, dip pens and ink to craft her imagery.

She is inspired by Medieval, Gothic and Flemish art. She graduated from Central St. Martin’s in 2012 and received a Masters from the Royal College of Art in 2014.

Clients include: Alex Eagle, Alexa Chung, Chaos, Faber & Faber, Florence + The Machine, Fortnum & Mason, Gucci, Liberty London, Martini and more.


Click on the images to download the two original drawings by Fee Greening.


Tanya Ling

First up, Calcutta born illustrator and artist Tanya Ling, with a career which journeys across the Fashion Industry and Art World. After finishing her degree at Central Saint Martin’s, Tanya worked in Paris as a designer. On her return to London, Tanya started an art gallery alongside her husband William Ling.

Her experience includes fashion drawings for Vogue and her work as a fashion illustrator has been exhibited internationally and extensively featured for brands and numerous publications – including her own Ready-To-Wear collection.

In 2011, her drawings were acquired by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. In 2014 a group of paintings and sculptures were acquired for the Murderme collection. Tanya Ling lives and works in London.

Click on the images to download the two original drawings by Tanya Ling.

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