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Alex Eagle Bespoke Tailoring

Alex Eagle Studio has long been a mecca for those looking for the exclusive and the unique. With the arrival of an in-house bespoke tailoring service, the Lexington Street atelier now offers customers the chance to find the perfect fit, handcrafted by master tailor Chandni Odedra.

“In a world filled with fast, easy fashion, the word luxury is bandied about all the time,” says Alex Eagle. “But in sartorial terms there is only one meaning – a piece of clothing that is designed and made just for me.”

The bespoke journey is about talking, feeling and understanding. Working closely with our master tailor over at least three appointments, clients can explore their ideas and expand on the details, choosing from fabrics, linings, fastenings, stitches, detailing and monogramming. By dedicating time, precision and expertise, listening to each client’s vision, answering their questions and directing their desires, bespoke items are honed to the highest standard, personally contoured in every stitch of fabric and fit.

With twelve years of Savile Row experience, Chandni Odedra, our master tailor, brings a fresh, modern sensibility to the table and to her clients, along with highly skilled classic craftsmanship.

“The approach to bespoke is unique,” she says. “It is about understanding the person both in their physique and their personality, and translating that into the clothes.”

No two people are the same and a bespoke garment embraces this fact. While ready-to-wear garments are an approximation of a number of people, a bespoke piece is entirely unique. Highly trained artisans spend 40 hours on a jacket, 70 hours on a suit, drafting a block that is singular to the individual. Tailor, cutter, sewer, presser, embroiderer, down to the hand-finished button-holes, every detail is considered and accomplished by hand.

The process typically takes 4-6 weeks, with prices starting at £3750 for a two-piece suit. Clients come in to be measured, pick their fabrics from a selection by renowned Italian textile brand Loro Piana, and discuss styles. Over 3-4 fittings it will be finessed into perfection.

A bespoke garment is about more than just an aesthetic, at Alex Eagle Studio, the ambition is to create a piece that will accompany you on your journey – a piece that moves with you.

“No question, the suit fits…and it feels fantastic” – Jo Ellison, Fashion Editor of the Financial Times

Our friends Karina Deyko, Jefferson Hack, Johnnie Sapong, Gillian Wilkins, Taz Fustok, and Catharine Alen-Buckley shot by Oliver Yoan in their bespoke pieces.

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