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Alex Eagle Bespoke Tailoring

Alex Eagle Bespoke Tailoring
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“In a world filled with fast, easy fashion, the word luxury is bandied about all the time,” says Alex Eagle. “But in sartorial terms there is only one meaning – a piece of clothing that is designed and made just for me.”

Enter Alex Eagle Bespoke, the new in-house tailoring service offered out of the Lexington Street store.  From the comfort of a velvet sofa, Eagle’s clients can create their perfect pieces, personally contoured in every detail of fabric and fit.

“Bespoke is the ultimate personal luxury,” says Gillian Wilkins, who stars in the look book in her tailored suit. “When I wear a personally tailored suit I feel I have a personal connection with the clothes that I am wearing.”

Bespoke is all about the personal. These are items made to precise specifications, to clothe, armour and enhance the individuality of the person who commissioned it. As Taz Fustok, another of Eagle’s chosen models, puts it, “This suit is as rare as it gets, no one else has one quite like it.”

At Alex Eagle Studio, the tailoring is in the capable hands of Savile Row trained Chandni Odedra, using fabrics from internationally renowned Italian textile brand Loro Piana. A bespoke two-piece starts at £3500, including multiple fittings and finessing.

Operating out of Soho, away from the traditional tailoring haunts of Mayfair and St James’, allows the Alex Eagle Studio to redefine the bespoke experience as something a little younger, cooler and more flexible. “The approach to bespoke is unique,” says Odedra, “It is about understanding the person both in their physique and their personality, and translating that into the clothes.”

For Eagle, the priority is both the experience and the result. “A bespoke suit is a forever piece,” she says. “It is crafted to perfection just for you, it is made to answer all your questions and your needs, and the quality and details ensures it will work in any situation.”

The look book for the bespoke collection demonstrates how the specificity of bespoke uses an individual’s measurements and personality to create pieces that are unique yet universally powerful. Shot by Oliver Yoan, and featuring Gillian Wilkins, Taz Fustok, Jefferson Hack, Karina Deyko, Alex Eagle, Duncan Campbell, Catharine Alen-Buckley and Johnnie Sapong in a selection of bespoke pieces, it mirrors Eagle’s ambition for the collection, that it was for real men and women to wear and feel strong, beautiful and unique.

“When you know something fits like a glove, getting dressed becomes effortless,” she says. “For me, looking and feeling comfortable is the height of elegance.”

Alex Eagle Bespoke is available at Alex Eagle Studio at 6-10 Lexington Street, W1F 0LB. For enquiries, call the store on 020 7589 0588 or contact


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Photography by Olivier Yoan
Hair by Josh Wood Team
Makeup by Verity Cumming

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