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12 Days Of Christmas At Alex Eagle Studio

12 Days Of Christmas At Alex Eagle Studio
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Today is officially the start of the countdown to Christmas. With twelve days to go, we wanted to celebrate our talented designers who fill Alex Eagle Studio with their beautiful creations – which obviously make for perfect presents.

We also wanted to celebrate and say thank you to our friends who have supported us through the year with a Festive Gift from Alex Eagle Studio, read details on how to enter below.

Here is our edit featuring twelve of our favourite makers, whose eclectic ranges of ceramics and slippers, jumpers and jewellery, artist’s prints and beauty products mean we’ve got the perfect something for every person in your life.

Day 1 – Luke Edward Hall


He’s everyone’s favourite design wunderkind whose Italian inspired illustrations and ceramics have sold out everywhere as well as doubling visitor numbers to his beloved Italy which inspires much of his work. From the Ganymede heads on ceramic platters to the dazzling colours in his paintings, Hall’s more-is-more aesthetic has made him a household name, and a go-to inspiration for nascent interior designers looking to be courageous with their colour ways.


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Day 2 – Le Monde Beryl


Taking as its starting point the traditional Venetian gondolier’s slipper, Le Monde Beryl has created an iconic shoe shape that transcends seasons and styles. Inspired by adventure – the name is a reference to both the famous aviator Beryl Markham and the gemstone family that is considered talismanic for travellers – Lily Hanbury and Katya Shyfrin design slides and slippers in sumptuous fabrics and colours and each one is handmade in Florence using traditional techniques.


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Day 3 – Dina Kamal


Lebanese designer Dina Kamal creates jewellery that draws influence from the style of women in the 1920’s and Chevaliere cocktail rings, resulting in pieces that are functional, precious and unusual. Her signature piece is the pinky ring in various forms, some simple, others encrusted in diamonds, still others in floral forms studded with black onyx and pearls. Her collections have now expanded to include earrings, bracelets and pendants, each maintaining their designer’s unique and dynamic vision.


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Day 4 – Fee Greening

Inspired by Gothic art and the illustrations of William Blake, Fee Greening modernises the religious iconographical portrait by swapping out the saints for some of her favourite cultural figures. Using the delicate and old-fashioned process of dip pen and ink, she draws the likes of Peggy Guggenheim, David Bowie, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Marchesa Casati as gothic icons, complete with shimmering halos.


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Day 5 – Mark Cross


Mark W. Cross & Co. was established in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1845 by Henry W. Cross, who named the company after his only son. Over the course of nearly 175 years, the brand’s aim has shifted from creating the finest leather goods for the horse and buggy rider to becoming the purveyor of the the finest handbags and luggage. Its most famous design is the Grace box bag, originally designed by Gerald Murphy for Grace Kelly to carry in 1954’s Rear Window, an iconic piece still on sale today.


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Day 6 – Sophie Buhai


Hailing from New York but based in California, Sophie Buhai creates sculptural works in silver and wood, inspired by her family’s collections of Mexican and mid-century Scandinavian silver, focused through the American West’s deep connection to the metal. These are pieces of heft and heritage, earthy shapes fashioned from pure materials that evoke a timelessness and longevity, jewellery that attracts immediate attention but lasts for a lifetime.



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Day 7 – Lauren Manoogian


‘Tis the season for cosy jumpers and relaxed fits, so, in short, ‘tis the season for Lauren Manoogian. The New York designer’s knitted hessian dresses, oversized cashmere rollnecks and slouchy knitted pantaloons are the answer to all festive dress codes, while her leather basket bags evoke elegance with their strikingly simple shapes.


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Day 8 – Oscar Piccolo


Originally hailing from Sicily, in his four years in London Oscar Piccolo has graduated from Chelsea Collage of Art to become one of 2018’s viral sensations, picking up column inches in Vogue and thousands of Instagram followers. His pleated lamps, graphic prints and two-faced portrait plates demonstrate a kaleidoscopic range of interests and inspirations, from the precision of architect Luis Barragan to Picasso’s sculptural portraits and the poetic arrangements of Isamu Noguchi. There is seemingly no end to his skills – for Christmas, he has designed some wrapping paper exclusively for Alex Eagle.


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Day 9 – Kana London


Sensuality and colour are the focus of Kana founder Ana Kerin’s creations. An artist and sculptor by trade, she made the move into ceramics to offset the seriousness of her day job, wanting to make things that were beautiful, functional and suitable for daily use. Her matt white plates, Yves Klein blue spattered serving spoons and gold-rimmed bowls are each made by hand in Kerin’s East London studio, every piece emerging with its own idiosyncrasies and unique charm.


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Day 10 – Austin Austin


This father-daughter duo harnesses the power of truly organic ingredients to create delicious smelling beauty products that really work. Produced in Norfolk, near the Austin family home, the brand offers twin sets for hair, hands and body created using the finest natural ingredients in bottles  (made from 100% post-consumer plastic of course) adorned with designs by Christian Newby, resulting in products that both do good and look good enough to take pride of place on any bathroom shelf.


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Day 11 – Feldspar


Feldspar is the brainchild of husband and wife team Jeremy and Cath Brown, who left Hackney for Devon and set up their homewares company with the intention to make “objects for life”. Two years on, the range includes fine bone china teapots, cups, dishes, vases and egg cosies with painted and gold plated rims, scented candles and their signature cold-process soap, all of which is designed in their home studio and made by skilled craftspeople around the UK.


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Day 12 – Alex Eagle


The idea of luxury essentials with a focus on fit, fabric and quality underpins Alex Eagle’s own brand collection creating a timeless mix of daytime tailoring and informal evening wear. With suiting that pays homage to Savile Row, simple elegant shapes and exquisite materials, Alex Eagle’s in house atelier has cultivated a selection of enduring classics, from suits and dresses, to shirts, shoes and loungewear.


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A Festive Gift from Alex Eagle Studio

To celebrate and say thank you to our friends, we are offering the opportunity to win a selection of Alex Eagle’s finest products, including a Alex Eagle x New & Lingwood Black Silk Dressing Gown, Alex Eagle Cashmere Socks & Scented Candle, Signature Matches and a SKINWORK Voucher for a Signature Facial, all wrapped up in a heavenly festive bundle.

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